Diabetes Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

When you think of managing your diabetes, the same handful of products and devices probably come to mind – glucometers, insulin, needles. But what about continuous glucose monitors, or a diabetes treatment app? There are several products and services you might not have heard about that can make treating your diabetes much easier.

From using glucose gel to increase your blood sugar on the go to swapping your insulin pen for a jet injector, there are many things you can do to make treating your condition a breeze. Read on to learn about a few helpful diabetes products you didn’t know you needed.

How Continuous Glucose Monitors Work
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Do you forget to check your blood sugar levels often? Hate pricking your finger multiple times a day? Introducing: continuous glucose monitors, or CGMs. These set-and-forget devices track your blood sugar levels automatically so that you don’t have to.

Continuous glucose monitors are designed to take the guesswork out of checking blood sugar levels. They are especially beneficial when treating diabetes in children or individuals who may be less likely to check levels on their own. Benefits include:

  • Fewer finger sticks.
  • Fewer low blood sugar emergencies.
  • Better blood sugar management. 

CGMs have a tiny sensor that is inserted under the surface level of your skin. They attach to your skin, usually on your arm or belly, and measure your glucose level every few minutes. Most CGMs take measurements every five minutes.

The measurements are then wirelessly transmitted to a monitor, which could be attached to an automatic insulin delivery system in another area on the body.

Otherwise, you can manually inject insulin using a separate device if the CGM alerts you to the need for it.

When your blood sugar drops or spikes, an alarm sounds to alert you to the need for correction. Some CGMs have the capability to alert another person, such as a caregiver, parent or guardian.

By taking measurements this frequently, continuous glucose monitors provide you with a better look at the trends and patterns of your blood sugar level. It may be easier to predict changes in your blood sugar levels after eating or exercising by studying the data provided. Most CGMs display measurements in an easy-to-understand graph that includes levels per hour, day or week.

Similarly, smartphone apps can make managing diabetes easier. Some of the best diabetic apps do much more than track your blood sugar levels. These apps are so beneficial, some health insurance plans pay for subscriptions. Find out which ones can help you stay on track next! 

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