What You Need to Know About the Newest Low-Cost Insulin from Walmart

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the world and they are doing their part to help people with diabetes by releasing a new lineup of effective and cheap insulin. They have launched a new Walmart-specific ReliOn NovoLog Insulin version of the Novolog Insulin. ReliOn costs only a fraction of the name-brand version. 

This new version of rapid-acting insulin was announced by Walmart on June 29 as the newest addition to the ReliOn brand that has been in the market for over two decades. Learn even more about the newest low-cost insulin from Walmart below. 

How much does Walmart’s new and cost-effective insulin cost?
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The biggest question that people have about this option for insulin for diabetics is: how much will this cost? 

Pricing of insulin has always been a major concern among the diabetic community. So, ReliOn insulin was created as a direct response to the high cost of different types of insulin.

Many people requiring this type 1 or type 2 diabetes insulin are faced with heavy financial burdens due to the cost of their medications. These life-saving medications are critically important to a large population, so it is important to provide affordable options wherever possible.

ReliOn is focused on providing high-quality and affordable healthcare products on the market and lowering the cost of care. This low-cost insulin is a notable step to providing affordable medications to a condition that disproportionately affects underserved populations. This new product is beneficial for many people who are looking for a more affordable path to get their necessary insulin, but unfortunately, this solution does not help everyone.

This new product will cost $72.88 per glass vial (10mL each, or 1,000 units) while a box of five FlexPens (each pen holds 3mL or 300 units) will cost $85.88. In comparison, the Novolog name brand product cost $289,36 for the 10mL glass vial and $559 for a box of five insulin pens. The new low-cost insulin by ReliOn boasts major savings of about 55 to 75 percent compared to name brands. Walmart can set this pricing because the ReliOn program is managed by the retailer, and they are able to offer the insulin at affordable prices.

Walmart is now selling this newer analog version of insulin for the first time as a part of their lineup of affordable medications. You can find this cheaper version of fast-acting insulin at Walmart pharmacies across the country. 

Many Sam’s Club locations are also carrying the ReliOn brand of insulin. However, you will still require a prescription from a healthcare professional to purchase ReliOn insulin.

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