How To Find Coupons To Get Major Discounts On Your Prescriptions

In America, the cost of prescription drugs can quickly get too expensive to afford, so people are always looking for methods to save money.

Americans spend approximately $576.9 billion on prescription drugs in the year 2021, 7.7% more than in 2020, and that number is expected to keep increasing each year. Prescription coupons are an effective way to reduce the cost of medications and stick to a budget.

If you are struggling to afford your prescription medications, you are not alone. Keep reading to learn how to save using prescription discount coupons.

Prescription Discount Cards
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Many medications are incredibly pricey and can place a financial burden on patients who may need them. In fact, nearly 25 percent of Americans have reported facing some issue affording their medications. Fortunately, there are many practical ways to save money on prescription medications including getting an Rx discount card.

There are several different prescription savings cards that are available to United States residents that can help you get better prices on your medications. Many of these RX savings cards are accepted by most major pharmacies and numerous other participating local pharmacies.

Keep reading to learn more about the most popular Rx savings cards available to help you afford your medications.

Optum Perks Prescription Discount Card

Optum Perks has a unique prescription discount card option because it does not require a membership or enrollment like most other programs. This retail Rx saver is accepted at over 60,000 locations across the country including many local pharmacies. However, Optum Perks does not offer the best savings when it comes to prescription coupons.

SingleCare Prescription Discount Coupons

SingleCare is one of the largest prescription savings programs available as it can be used at over 35,000 participating pharmacies. Major pharmacies such as Walmart, CVS, Albertsons, Kroger, and Walgreens accept this medication discount card. United States residents over the age of 13 can apply for the prescription savings card for free.

The SingleCard can net you major savings of up to 80 percent of your prescription prices. Additionally, you can use your SingleCare card Rx discount card for your friends and family even if they are not participating in the program.

To use your discount card, log on to the SingleCare app or their website so you can compare prescription costs at various pharmacies near you. Once you find the location that offers the best price, download the coupon card, and bring it to the pharmacy to claim your discount.

Note: The benefits of a SingleCare card cannot be combined with your insurance.

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Updated on 05/18/2022