Traveling During COVID as a Senior — How to Stay Healthy

Traveling During COVID as a Senior — How to Stay Healthy

When it comes to traveling, the majority of the world has been unable to partake in what is most people’s favorite pastime because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many countries are intermittently shut down, and even for those places that are allowing travel, travelers might be wary to go while taking their safety into consideration. However, as more people start to travel again, there is one demographic of people who are probably the most concerned about being able to travel safely—seniors. 

We know that the COVID pandemic affected seniors more than any other demographic of people. So it is understandable that seniors would be wary of traveling again. But, the world is changing and measures are being put into place to ensure that people, even seniors, can travel safely. 

Here, we have some tips on how seniors can travel safely during the pandemic. With these tips in mind, seniors won’t have to put their lives on hold any longer. 

Buy Travel Insurance That Includes Covid Coverage

Whether you are a senior or not, and no matter where you choose to travel and how you choose to get there, buying traveler’s insurance is always a good idea. Travel insurance was important before the pandemic, it may be especailly important now during the pandemic, but it will be just as important after the pandemic ends as well. 

This is because travel insurance gives you a safety net incase you get injured or sick while you are traveling. No matter where you go, if something were to happen, you will be in a foreign place with foreign health insurance policies. To be on the safe side, it is always a good idea to have travel insurance so you are covered no matter what happens to you, where you are, or when an accident might occur. 

Seniors nowadays can enjoy vacations simply by making sure to purchase travel insurance that includes COVID-19 benefits. Many travel insurance providers are now including these sections into their insurance policies. If you were to get COVID while traveling, if you have this insurance, you will be able to get tested and treated under certain circumstances without having a huge impact on your wallet. 

However, COVID is not the only reason seniors should be getting travel insurance when they travel. As you age, bodies become more susceptible to injury and illness. If you take a fall while on a historical tour on your annual vacation, if you are older you might injure yourself more than if you were younger, even because of a simple accident. What’s more, while you recuperate from your injury or sickness, costs of hotels, hospitals, and airfare changes can add up. Having insurance will give you a safety net so you don’t have to worry about money while you are getting medical attention. 

Ensure Your Exposure Risks Are Limited

It is prove now that there are ways to travel safely during COVID. For seniors, taking these kinds of preventative measures are essential to being able to travel safely during the pandemic. 

By limiting your potential exposure to the virus, you can maximize your chances of having a safe and stress free vacation. 

The biggest thing you can do to make sure you are protected is to wear a mask. Masks have been used in hospitals and during travel for decades before the pandemic even happened—it’s simple. You wear a mask. You have a filter in place to filter out germs. When you breathe in, the chances of breathing in a pathogen are significantly reduced. So, make sure you pack a mask when you are getting all yoru traveling supplies together. 

You can also engage in social distancing rules. By staying six feet away from people while you are in line, sitting at a restaurant, or walking onto the plane, you minimize the risk of breathing in COVID pathogens. While you are in a crowded place, or getting onto the plane, by complying with this standard procedure, you can ensure your safety. 

By carrying around hand sanitizer with you, you can also minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19. Being aware of the places you touch and things you touch is extremely important when pandemics like this are happening in the world. This is because as a virus that is passed from person to person because of body fluids and droplets, you can pick up the virus if you touch something that someone who is infected has just touched. If they sneezed or coughed, cover their mouth with their hand, and then touch a door knob or table, and then you touch that same table or door knob right after, the chances of you picking up the virus are signfificanly high. 

When there are places that are often touched in public spaces, these are called “high touch” areas. Some of the high touch areas can include doors, railings, counters, pin pads, arm rests, and more. If you touch one of these high touch items, chances are the item has not been cleaned in a while, but has hundreds of people’s germs on it. Having hand sanitizer is the easiest way of mitigating the risks of touching high touch surfaces. You essentially exterminate any virus, bacteria or germ that you picked up from touching the surface. 

This is also why as a senior, you should get into the habit of washing your hands often. While you travel you are constantly being introduced and in contact with high touch surfaces. Experts say that washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water is the most effective way to wash your hands and clean off the most germs in the most effective way. It is also one of the easiest ways to stop germs from spreading. 

It’s most important to wash your hands before you eat, before you touch your face, and before you leave the house and right when you return to your house or hotel room. This offers you an easy and effective way to keep you safe not just from COVID-19, but from any sort of illness.

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