Say goodbye to shopping at mattress stores in person. These three mattresses are super easy to order online and have shipped conveniently in a tightly packed box right to your door. No need for a delivery person to come in and set up your mattress either.

That’s because these mattresses are easy to take out of the box, let plump up to perfection and lay down on your bedframe. Here are the top three candidates for best mattress you get in a box:

Best Boxed Mattresses You Can Order Online

Birch Hybrid Mattress: The Birch hybrid mattress offers a medium firm sleeping experience, thanks to its two comfort layers, one made from soft wool and the other a latex hybrid. The bed is breathable and wicks away moisture for a comfortable night’s sleep.

What more, Birch uses all-natural materials, making it one of the only organic mattresses on the market. So if eco-friendly and convenient online ordering are some of your priorities, the Birch mattress delivers. These beds go for $1,249 to $1,999.

GhostBed Luxe: Don’t be scared by the brand name — GhostBed isn’t haunted. Its memory foam actually has temperature control features that keep you cool, even though memory is known to make it hot under the covers.

GhostBed’s signature seven layers of comfort include the Ice Fabric that’s plush and cool to the touch, Cooling Fiber that enhances airflow, two layers of gel memory foam, another Ice layer to keep the center of the mattress cool, a bouncy latex layer for easy movement a high-density support foam at the bottom.

These cozy mattresses range from $1,795 to $3,900.

WinkBed: Unlike the other two boxed beds, a WinkBed is an innerspring mattress that’s perfect for all types of sleepers: side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

You can choose the firmness level you want, starting at medium soft 4 up to a seriously firm 8. The bed is made with pressure points to alleviate back, hip and shoulder pain as well as provide comfort and support in the areas you need those features most.

A WinkBed starts at $1,149 and goes up to $2,049.

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