Implementing a healthy diet and exercise routine can be difficult in the modern age, especially if you are living with type 2 diabetes. We know it isn’t easy, so we have gathered some of the best exercises and diet life hacks to help you manage your health. Sometimes it can be difficult to break bad habits and build a healthy routine, but these helpful hacks can help you get started.

It’s easy to say that you will start to eat a healthy and nutritious diet while getting exercise every day but putting that into action requires planning and dedication. Here are some helpful tips for getting started on a diabetic-friendly diet and exercise routine.

Life Hacks for Your Diabetic Diet and Exercise Routine

Identify Your Food Triggers

Everybody knows that they must eat in moderation and choose healthier foods for a better diet, but that is often easier to say than it is to do. However, there are a few essential life hacks that can help you if you struggle with cravings, overeating, or fast/binge with food. In fact, changing your psychological relationship with food can be the best way to stick to a new diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Identifying your food triggers can be a beneficial tool if you are trying to change your diet and your lifestyle. For many people, there are certain triggers that lead us to indulge in unhealthy food choices even if they are not the best option. Here are some common food triggers that can lead to unhealthy eating habits:

  • Bored, stress, or tiredness
  • Rewarding yourself with food
  • Using food as comfort based on a past memory
  • Binging on unhealthy foods once or twice a week
  • Overeating because you skipped a meal

Tip: Replace unhealthy snacks with more nutritious snacks for diabetics like fresh fruit.

Set Manageable Workout Goals

Living with type 2 diabetes is often associated with inactive lifestyles, but it’s never too late to start routinely exercising to improve your health. For many people, the thought of exercising regularly can be intimidating, especially for people who have trouble sticking to a routine. If you are trying to set realistic goals for your fitness, here are some helpful tips:

  • Schedule your workouts to avoid the excuse of not being able to find time
  • Workout with a partner to create a system of accountability
  • Start off slowly with the amount of exercise you can manage and slowly work your way up

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