Life Hacks for People Living with Diabetes

If you are living with diabetes, then you know that it has many different effects on your body and how you go about your daily life. However, with the right preparation and management, you can still live a comfortable and healthy life. Continue reading to learn about some diabetes life hacks that can help you manage each day.

Life Hacks for Dealing with Diabetes Everyday
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Prepare Your Snacks in Advance

Many people resort to unhealthy snacks like bagged chips or other processed foods because it can be stressful to find good food to eat when you are stressed or in a rush. You can cut down on the struggle of finding healthy snack options by preparing a week’s worth of snacks by portioning them out into storage containers. By doing so, you will have easy access to portioned-out snacks whenever you need to grab a bite to eat.

Keep a Moisturizer Nearby to Combat Dry Skin

Itchy and dry skin is one of the most uncomfortable symptoms of living with diabetes, but you can counteract this issue by keeping a bottle of moisturizing cream with you. The best lotion for diabetic dry skin is either the Gold Bond Ultimate Hydrating Lotion for Diabetics or the Cerave Moisturizing Cream for Diabetics. Avoid lotions with heavy perfumes or chemical additives. Whichever option you choose, be sure to pack your moisturizing cream with you when you are on the go.

Pack Hand Sanitizer or Alcohol Wipes with Your Insulin and Your Glucometer

Planning an overnight trip or an outdoor excursion? Make sure you bring alcohol wipes or hand sanitizer with you in case you are unable to wash your hands before you check your blood glucose. Washing your hands is important to get the most accurate reading for your blood glucose tracker. Ideally, you want to test the first drop of blood you draw, but feel free to use the second drop to avoid contamination if your hands are dirty.

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