15 Best Mattress Brands and Models

Sleep has a profound impact on every aspect of your health and getting the best sleep you can is a terrific way to keep yourself as healthy as possible. But everyone sleeps a little different, has unique sleeping needs and wants different things out of the mattress shopping experience. That’s why there are so many mattresses on the market today.

Out of the hundreds of brands, models and shopping experiences, only 15 mattresses reign as the best of the best in sleep. Whether you’re looking for a specific bedding material or looking for a mattress that matches your sleeping style, there’s a perfect mattress out there for you.

Best Memory Foam Mattresses
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A memory foam mattress molds to your body every time you lay down, and, over time, slowly “remembers” your ideal sleeping position. These beds are typically made with a top layer of memory foam and springs or support foam underneath.

Many companies that produce memory foam mattresses have tried to further perfect the material that makes up the memory foam to keep you cool for the best sleeping experience. Here are some of the best memory foam mattresses on the market:

Brooklyn Chill from Brooklyn Bedding: This Brooklyn Bedding mattress features a high-density foam base topped with a gel swirl memory foam that allows for well-supported but more responsive sleep.

The thinner models are dual-layered for maximum comfort, but the 12” and 14” models have three layers of foam, including an addition layer made of VariFlex transition foam that aids in providing a medium- to soft-medium sleep experience.

This mattress starts at $249, and there are more than a dozen size options to choose from.

Layla Memory Foam Mattress: This memory foam mattress is flippable, meaning you can flip it to the other side to help reduce normal wear and tear and keep the mattress as fluffy or firm as you like.

This means there’s a comfortable sleeping surface on either side of the mattress, and between those layers are sturdy polyfoam layers that provide support.

It’s also made with cooling memory foam, perfect for those who sleep hot in these kinds of beds. You can snag a Layla mattress starting at $749 for a twin to $1,249 for a king-sized mattress.

Casper Original: This Casper mattress features an innovative memory foam with three distinct ergonomic zones to maintain proper spine alignment during sleep.

These zones include a softer foam near the shoulders so your upper body can sink a bit more into the bed and firmer foam under the hips and lower back to provide much-needed spinal support.

It also features AirScape, a unique top layer that helps body heat and humidity flow away from you to keep you cool and comfortable at night. A Casper Original will run you between $995 and $1,795.

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