There are three major government health insurance plans which are Medicaid, Medicare, and the Children’s Health insurance Program (CHIP). Together, these are the most used government programs for health insurance. There are different eligibility requirements to enroll in each of these programs.

If you do qualify to enroll in one of these government healthcare insurance programs, you can potentially receive coverage for free or very little money. Many of the beneficiaries of these government-subsidized programs come from disadvantaged groups. These programs aim to provide more Americans with access to quality healthcare at an affordable price.

Free and Low-Cost Government Insurance Programs
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The requirements to qualify for Medicaid will differ depending on the state you live in. To qualify, you must meet the income requirements by having a low income based on your state’s regulations. Your state may require you to meet certain other criteria to receive Medicaid coverage.

Some other factors that may be considered when calculating your income include:

  • Household size
  • Ages of people in your household (children or people older than 65 may qualify for CHIP or Medicare respectively)
  • If you are pregnant
  • If you have any disabilities
  • If you have certain conditions that are fatal

Children may be eligible to get health insurance from the Children’s Health Insurance Program. CHIP is a part of Medicaid but it is designed to specifically provide coverage to children. The income eligibility guidelines for CHIP is much less strict than the standard Medicaid program. In some cases, your children may qualify for no- to low-cost premiums even if you do not qualify for Medicaid based on your income.

After your 65th birthday, you will be eligible for Medicare for your healthcare insurance. You can sign up for Medicare Plan A for free if you have paid into Medicare for enough time while you were working. There is also a joint Medicare Medicaid insurance plan available if you qualify as low-income and are 65 years of age or older.

If you do not qualify for Medicaid, Medicare, or CHIP, you may want to consider getting coverage through a private group insurance plan. These are typically offered by employers or unions. Large companies and businesses at least. 50 full-time employees are required to provide group health insurance and cover a portion of the employees’ premiums.

Additionally, large companies are required to provide the children of employees with healthcare coverage until they are 26 years of age. Many businesses also include plans for spouses, despite not being mandated by the government.

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