Sometimes, the Original Medicare coverage is not enough, and you need to expand your care to cover prescription drugs and other costs. These plans can be incredibly helpful for covering healthcare costs, but you will need to pay for additional premiums. Medicare quotes on premiums will vary depending on the amount of income you have.

If you opt for a Medicare Part C plan, also called a Medicare Advantage plan, you will usually have prescription drug coverage added to your policy. There are various tiers of the Medicare Advantage plan that you can choose between based on your medical needs. Depending on the plan you choose, you may receive a different amount of coverage for prescription drugs.

Learn More About Medicare Part C and Part D for Expanded Care
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Medicare Part C is typically offered by employers and private companies while the Medicare program ensures that these companies are following federal guidelines. Companies are required to set their prices and rules in accordance with the rules established by the federal government. These companies are still allowed to offer different premium prices and options for coverage.

Part C helps to pay for medical costs including prescription drugs, transportation to and from the doctor’s office, and preventative health programs. However, these Part C plans are typically more expensive than Original Medicare plans. The price of the Medicare Advantage plans can vary depending on numerous factors. The price of copayments can allow you to visit specialists without requiring a referral.

You will be eligible to add Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage if you already receive Medicare Part A and Part B and pay the additional premiums. Adding prescription drug coverage to your Medicare plan will increase your monthly premium but it will also end up saving you money when you need prescription drugs.

People who have chronic conditions and must purchase various medications to manage their conditions may benefit from the coverage of Medicare Part D. Some conditions that can require costly prescription drugs include everything from HIV to diabetes and heart disease.

However, this plan may also be beneficial even if you do not suffer from any chronic conditions. Prescription costs can add up quickly and a Medicare plan can end up saving you hundreds of dollars over time.

Finding the right Medicare plan can help you get quality healthcare coverage at an affordable cost. Make sure you are reviewing all your plan options to find the one the best fits your medical needs.

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