Sometimes, it can be hard to find a formal clinical study that works for you. A traditional clinical trial has certain requirements you must meet to participate and may not be suitable for many people. While a “clinical study” typically means a research study for a drug or device approval, there are other ways to participate in paid research studies or get free care.

In addition to formal clinical research, there are other ways to get free medical care or other perks. Continue reading to learn about some options, including: decentralized studies, free community care offered by colleges and universities and paid psychological research.

Are there different types of clinical studies?

Decentralized Studies

If you are unable to travel to get to the right clinical study for you, you can consider participation in a virtual, remote setting. Decentralized clinical trials (DCT) use telecommunication and mobile providers, so you may be able to participate remotely or without leaving town. 

Since the pandemic, virtual trials have become even more popular. Just keep in mind that decentralized trials may likely require an internet-connected device. 

College and University Resources

Another alternative to clinical study participation is getting care from advanced medical students, who practice their skills on patients free of charge, as a community service or school requirement. If you live near a university and need dental work or other medical help, reaching out to a university may be your best bet. 

Sometimes, schools offer a student-run free clinic. One example is the Desales Free Clinic at Desales University. The clinic offers primary care, acute care, labs and medications. While not every school may offer this kind of full-service clinic, most universities with medical or dental schools will offer some kind of free care to people in the community who would otherwise be unable to pay.

The program may have different days for different types of specialized care, such as pediatrics or pre-natal care.

To find out if you can get free medical or dental care, you can contact colleges and universities in your area. 

Although they may not pay as much, you can also see if a school’s psychology department announces paid research studies. Often, graduate students conducting research in psychology may pay small amounts of money or gift cards to people who complete surveys or participate in another way.

These are usually quick and easy ways to earn money, and you may be able to participate remotely.

In addition, psychology graduate programs may offer free counseling sessions from graduate students.

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