How to Earn Money & Other Perks With Clinical Studies

Clinical studies are needed to discover new treatments and the sources of ailments. Researchers and clinical trial companies study diseases and experiment with new products and practices to improve people’s health and way of life. This information is so valuable that the government and other organizations pay volunteers to participate in trials. 

Paid clinical trials can help others live longer while putting money in your pocket or providing other benefits, like free medical care. Clinical trial services may benefit you if you suffer from a rare or life-threatening condition. Discover more about clinical investigations and what participating in a trial is like.

What are clinical studies and how do they work?
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Clinical research organizations observe participants, discover causes of conditions and test treatments. Most of these “interventional” studies assess behavioral, medical or surgical outcomes of newly developed drugs, medical devices and procedures. 

However, other paid research studies simply observe daily activities or ask questions for better understanding. 

Here is some real world evidence that clinical trials discovered:

  • The KEYTRUDA clinical trials studied pembrolizumab’s effects on different types of cancer. The FDA approved the drug after the pembrolizumab clinical trials showed it could treat breast, cervical, non-small cell lung and other cancers with a 70 to 80 percent efficacy. 
  • Researchers found in the SPRINT trial that the group getting the higher dosage had a quarter to a third fewer deaths and cardiovascular events, which could help around nine million people. 
  • Just in 2016, SPINRAZA was the first approved drug to treat spinal muscular atrophy, a condition with no cure. Thanks to the Zolgensma clinical trials, children younger than two can receive gene replacement therapy to increase their motor functions.  

An online search for “paid clinical trials near me” may show dozens of opportunities, especially if you live near a research school or hospital. The amount you are paid reflects your time, the travel needed and what researchers expect of you. 

Studies may pay $10 to complete a multiple-choice survey or $2,000 to take an experimental drug for a few weeks.

However, payment amounts vary drastically by the sponsoring institute, the state and other factors. And some organizations use money, gifts, travel vouchers, gift certificates and free care as compensation. 

The median compensation for clinical trials is more than $3,000, ranging from $150 to more than $13,000

Here are some examples of clinical studies and their payment rates:

  • Labcorp Madison, WI – Drug safety study – $8,324
  • Plasma Renin Activity – Raleigh, NC – Medication study – Up to $17,550
  • Pfizer Clinical Trials – New Haven, CT – Cancer drug research – Up to $6,820
  • University of Maryland – Baltimore, MD – Medical device research –  Up to $5,100

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